Vérčne Nicolas

Inner Resources for Social Change





I am a trainer, facilitator and community organiser.

I equip individuals in organisations and communities with the skills and inner resources to live life with integrity, resolve conflict creatively and work collaboratively with others.





My vision is shaped by the dream of a world where everybody’s needs matter; and dialogue rooted in empathy becomes an integral part of our culture.

My way of furthering this vision is to share the skills and principles of collaborative leadership.

I facilitate training programmes within organisations as well as open retreats and workshops.

At present, I am training and mentoring teams working for the Church of Scotland’s most hard-pressed parishes. I also work in Papua (Indonesia) with the Planning Department of the Provincial Government. I work closely with Training for Transformation’s team of tutors in South Africa, including its founders Sally Timmel and Anne Hope and am engaged in Govan, a low-income community of Glasgow where I live. There I volunteer in community-led initiatives, and am particularly interested in strengthening collaborative power amongst local organisers and organisations.