Vérčne Nicolas

Inner Resources for Social Change



Community Organising

Over the years and inspired by ‘Training for Transformation’, I have engaged with several projects and communities across Scotland.

This work has always happened in partnership with others and focused on the broad themes of finding voice’ and ‘empowerment’.

My community organising activities are presently focused on Govan, including offering, with others, a weekly community meal in the Pearce Institute and giving occasional support to individuals and teams to transform conflict and create cultures of trust. This is part of an active « action inquiry » into community renewal and the conditions that promote human flourishing.

 Some of the key projects I’ve been involved in: (Click on the heading to open a pdf version of the file)

· People & Parliament: Reshaping Scotland
The People Speak, with Canon Kenyon Wright (chair) and other members of the Steering Group, March 1999.

· Who's A Real Scot?
report of the Embracing Multicultural Scotland Project, Centre for Human Ecology, co-authored with Hanna Maan, Nick Wilding, Amadu Khan and Alastair McIntosh, April 2000

· Get Your Voice Heard!
A pilot project in the Leith and North Edinburgh area to enhance the participation of black and ethnic minority people in local democratic processes. Co-led with Nick Wilding, Centre for Human Ecology, May 2007

· Govan Together Final Report
A partnership project between five Govan-based organisations which the aim to inquire into and strengthen the resourcefulness of Govan in the light of climate change. I joined the Centre for Human Ecology’s team to develop a series of training events on collaboration and a series of “meaningful conversations”.