Vérčne Nicolas

Inner Resources for Social Change




 “The session you facilitated for us enabled me to feel heard and I think others did too. You gave us the space and guidance for the very important work we needed to do to close one phase and move on to the next.”

In recent years, I have worked with community groups, governmental agencies, voluntary organisations, community organisers and individuals. I am now mainly supporting leaders and teams working with local and marginalised communities.

My consultancy involves facilitating one-off sessions, organisational change interventions and training and mentoring programmes.

One-off sessions include facilitating meetings, taster sessions for training programmes, and conflict mediation.

Organisational change interventions include visioning processes, defining corporate mission, goals and values, and inquiry processes around power, trust and change at individual, organisational and community levels.

Training and mentoring programmes focus on collaborative approaches to leadership. This typically involves learning how to:

• Give and receive feedback without criticism;

• Facilitate collaborative processes of decision making;

• Hold difficult conversations and empathic dialogue;

• Mediate conflict;

• Care for ourselves;

• Gain clarity on individual vision and mission;

• Facilitate healing to transform old wounds into human flourishing;

• Create alignment between inner life and outer engagement;

• Develop life-enhancing organisational structures to nurture collaboration.







I am happy to provide more details for any of the above. Contact me here.