Vérčne Nicolas

Inner Resources for Social Change




The philosophy that underpins my work

Over the years, I have developed a coherent story about human nature that I want to share here, not only because it underpins my work and approach to life but also nourishes my hope for the future of humanity.

The starting point is my belief that as human beings, we all share the same fundamental needs such as respect, companionship and meaning. The burning question is: Do our individual and collective choices value everyone's needs equally? If they did, life and solutions that work for everyone would flourish.

I believe that violence and destructive responses to life are not rooted in our biology. They are a symptom of our needs being unmet. We internalise broken patterns of behaviour and relationship, and re-act rather than respond to life situations. A sense of relief emerges when we realise that these patterns can be healed and transformed.

Because it lies at the root of so much violence, I am particularly interested in trauma and broken relationships. I see trauma as injury to the soul. Unlocking its pain requires we see the humanity of the person (or people) whose actions caused us harm. This invites opening our hearts to healing and reconciliation.

Lastly, I believe that we can only live life with integrity when a strong bridge connects our inner and outer lives. That’s why creating space for reflection, rest and the unfolding of joy is so critical to our fulfilment.