Vérène Nicolas

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Books, articles and links that I recommend about collaboration, conflit transformation, nonviolence and the various approaches I use :

 Parker Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness – The Journey Toward An Undivided Life (2004)

 Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak – Listening for the Voice of Vocation (2000)

 The Center for Courage and Renewal – http://www.couragerenewal.org/

 Sally Timmel and Anne Hope, Training for Transformation, Handbooks for Community Workers, Vol 1-4 (1984)

 Training for Transformation at the Grail Centre, South Africa - http://www.grailprogrammes.org.za

 Miki Kashtan - Spinning Threads of Radical Aliveness - Transcending the Legacy of Separation in Our Individual Lives (2014)

 Miki Kashtan’s blog, the Fearless Heart – http://baynvc.blogspot.co.uk/

 John-Paul Lederach – The Moral Imagination – The Art and Soul of Building Peace (2005)

 Starhawk – The Empowerment Manual – A guide for Collaborative Groups (2011)

Some articles and reports I have written or co-authored: (Clicking on the headings opens a new window.)

10. South Africa Report
Reflections on a learning process to enable NGO professionals in Africa to transition from authority-based to collaboration (in cultures where the use of power over, threat and violence is wide spread). – February 2015.

9. Knowing About Crisis
A chapter in Space and Polity (Routledge, 2015) co-authored with Kate Driscoll Derickson and Gehan MacLeod.

8. “What Have We Learnt About Collaboration?”
A chapter of the Centre for Human’s Learning Report on Govan Together – March 2012.

7. "Au Commencement sont nos Besoins"
Entretien avec Thierry Groussin parus dans la revue Commencements Numéro 1, Printemps 2011.

6. “Get Your Voice Heard” report
A pilot project in the Leith and North Edinburgh area to enhance the participation of black and ethnic minority people in the Local Community Planning Partnership and other local democratic processes.

5. The “Dream Job” Report
21 steps to enhance Black and Ethnic Minority opportunities in Scotland. Written with a number of colleagues from the Centre for Human Ecology and whilst working with the EMPOWER partnership.

4. Roots for Living column,
The Big Issue in Scotland, a series of columns that ran jointly with Alastair McIntosh during 2002. Clicking this link takes you to the column's index.   

3. "Quand l'Ecosse distribue les terres; 
"Quand l'Ecosse distribue les terres; Vent de réformes après la conquête de l'autonomie", Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris, No 572-48, Novembre 2001, p 6, jointly with Alastair McIntosh.

2. Who's A Real Scot?
Report of the Embracing Multicultural Scotland Project, Centre for Human Ecology, co-authored with project colleagues Hanna Maan, Nick Wilding, Amadu Khan and Alastair McIntosh, April 2000, 28 pp.

1. People and Parliament: Reshaping Scotland?
The People Speak, The Full Technical Report of The People & Parliament project, co-authored with Canon Kenyon Wright (Chair) and other members of the Steering Group, March 1999, 101 pp.