Vérčne Nicolas

Inner Resources for Social Change




The skill of Verene’s facilitating was excellent and I learned so much
from listening to her and of course to the input of my fellow Trustees.

Director, Retreat Centre.

Verene's training and support of our organisation's work has been
very useful to me personally and to the development of a new
area of work using the skills and principles of Nonviolent
Communication. She brings clarity and offers feedback in ways that
support and nurture our learning.

Roz Adams, Community Development Worker

 The value of this material is immeasurable. I understand now
that there is a possibility that the concept of self-compassion can
be beautiful and life-empowering, and can help to lead to a peace within.

A farmer

The Collaboration for Change programme has helped me find a common language of human needs, with which to get beyond the superficial to the nitty-gritty of what life is about. Whether in a faith tradition or not, whatever your philosophy or perspective, I trust Verene will stretch and take you to a place of growth.
Neil Urquhart, Church of Scotland Minister

 Verene's Collaboration for Change course is not only intelligent but also compassionate and very human. It made me think about conflict in a way that was no longer frightening but achievable and even exciting.
Amy Anderson, Carers Advocacy Caseworker.

 Your sensitivity made you available to speak on a one to one basis to participants and I found this emotionally containing for me. The focus was on deepening our practice and I think this was achieved successfully. I liked the tasks we were set and the process of coming to our own understanding about the inner work of self-compassion.
Satya Dunning, Performance Artist and Facilitator

 Your insightful and compassionate approach to this work has added great value not only to my work life but also to my personal world. You are passionate about people being able to connect with one another and this shines through in each session. I've particularly enjoyed reflecting on this type of communication in relation to my teenage son.
Neil McLean, Chief Executive and Father

 No words do justice to the strength of Verene's wisdom, vision and passion for social justice and community power. Verene is a constant source of inspiration to myself and many people and networks creating positive social change in the wider world. She is a facilitator whose passion will light the fire in your heart.
Dan Glass - Popular Educator, Performer + Activist and general rascal

The Collaborating for Change course was challenging and has certainly helped me review how I personally communicate and deal with conflict in a variety of work and non-work settings. Verene is the genuine article; she clearly "knows her stuff" and relishes working with people from widely varying backgrounds and life perspectives.
Ian Davidson, West of Scotland advice worker.

 Verene is an inspiring role-model and teacher in her work with communication and empathy. She has an incredible ability to read a situation with a sharpness that pierces through to the most pertinent needs of the people she works with. She then has a knack for turning this into meaningful and practical solutions.
Roland Playle, Trainer and Gardener.

 Your course was inspirational and needs to be shared with like-minded people who have an interest in changing the way people connect in the workplace.
Heather Cameron, Chartered Teacher

 As a trainer Verene uses resourceful and creative approaches to engage the group and the topics she is involved with always carry genuine depth and lead to groundbreaking increases in levels of consciousness.
Amreeta Kaur, Popular Education Animator

 I used to think that Nonviolent Communication (NVC) was like learning a new language, (and found it just as hard as learning French at school for example), but you have shown me, by example, that it is a language of the heart. I love the way you model using NVC with authenticity and courage, welcoming everything that arises and addressing it with compassion.”
Sibongile Pradhan, Mother and Climate Change Advisory Worker

 I appreciated the process you modelled of giving space to another person with presence, without judgment and without rescuing.  It allowed the inherent deep wisdom in me to recognise what was going on and come to a better understanding of it.
Keith Farvis, Craniosacral Therapist

 Verene teaches what she is passionate about and has the ability to put across concepts clearly and accessibly.  In a group setting she can touch the core of the issues around so simply and directly and with such a quality of shared humanity that it almost belies the profundity of what has just taken place.
A practice group participant